Guard Rails at Ely’s Historic State Theater

We feel thankful to have been a part of reviving this beautiful Theater.

Side-by-side Trailer modification

The modification to a Side-by-side trailer allows the driver to open the door while on the trailer. An easy solution to an annoying problem!

Custom wedding sign

This was a project for a metal themed wedding. A custom sign for the newlyweds!

Boat hull repair

This was a nasty gash in the hull of a pontoon. No longer destined for the scrap heap, hole fixed and back to fishing in no time.

Trailer repair

This trailer was sitting, rusting away in a yard, but it just needed a little loving and will be hauling an excavator when it’s done.

Custom One-of-a-Kind Staircase

You will find this stunning set of stairs in Ely’s Historic State Theater. Next step is adding the wood boards and a custom OzFab railing.

Let’s build something together.

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